Title Year Production Choreographer
Sam in a Pram 1996 Sam in a Pram Karen Pearlman, Richard James Allen
Seems Like Summer 1987 Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Main Season and Tasdance 87, Fiona Reilly
Seinn O! (Sing the Past) 1991 Sing the Past, Faster than Photos and Ripple Effect Sue Healey
September Shuffle 1982 Main Season Helen Herbertson
Sequenza VII 1982 Primary Schools, Main Season and Vital Expression Graeme Murphy
Sextet 1985 Main Season Neil Adams
Shapeshift 1987 Spring Release John Salisbury
Share Sight Scenery 1986 Five by Five John McLaughlin
She dreams in colour 1994 Final Fling Christina Shepard
She-Oak Sings 1987 Tasdance 87, Turning 10 and Let's Get it Strait Beth Shelton
Shifting Colours 1994 Final Fling Cate Handley
Shoot the Moon 1993 Twofold Wendy McPhee
Show and Tell 1986 Main Season Eleanor Brickhill
Sights & Settings 1986 Five by Five Neil Adams
Silken Tent 1986 Main Season and Tasdance 87 Nanette Hassall
Silverlining 2001 Treasured Island Chrissie Parrott
Six for Gold 2008 One for Sorrow, Two for Joy Natalie Cursio
Soda Pop Rock 1983 Main Season Pamela Buckman
Soft Sell 1988 Main Season Group Devised
Solo 1981 Primary and Secondary Schools Graeme Watson
Solo-Echo 1981 Secondary Schools and Main Season Helen Herbertson
Sound Playground 1987 Primary Schools and Main Season Beth Shelton
South 2011 Artery Solon Ulbrich
Space Control 1981 Secondary Schools and Main Season Jenny Kinder
Spoondrift 1994 Motion, Mystique and Muscle Catherine O'Brien
Sports Shorts 1986 Primary Schools Neil Adams
Standby 1982 Secondary Schools and Main Season Louise Burns
Still Moving 1988 Primary Schools Felicity MacDonald
Stillness Falls 1988 Moving Pieces Neil Adams
Superheroes 1990 Physical Affairs and Primary Schools Neil Adams
Surrender II 1994 Faster than Photos Stephen Petronio
Swimming the Luna Sea 2004 Light and Shade Chrissie Parrott