Title Year Production Choreographer
A Dance for the Forgotten 2014 Threefold Raewyn Hill
A Fall from Grace 1993 Twofold Toby Bell
A Human Calculation 2012 Voltage Anna Smith
A Round Corner 2000 Project 000 Terrie-Ann John
A Volume Problem 2006 The Earth Beneath our Feet Byron Perry
A-peeling 1997 Passion Fruit Wendy McPhee, Michael O’Donoghue, Jay Watson
Alter 2014 Education Project Joshua LoweBrianna Kell
Always Building 2006 The Earth Beneath our Feet Tanja Liedtke
Apollo Object 1983 Main Season and Seven New Works Stephen Petronio
Aquarium 1988 Primary Schools and Main Season Sandra Parker
As the Crow Flies 2006 The Earth Beneath our Feet Nanette Hassall