Title of work

Swimming the Luna Sea


Dark... "In this landscape before language, mouths open to swallow the charcoal cloud and the eye rolls in fear. Beyond the smudge of the horizon dogs bark and we feel the weight of stones on our cheek." This dance is a life and death struggle for the few remaining inhabitants of a stark and unforgiving landscape. We arrive on a dying planet where the only sustenance is hope, ritual and the cinders of desire.

Light... "There is a particular light that quickens the heart and catches the breath at the back of the throat. It seems to vibrate from within: internally luminescent." The dancers, under the influence of the moon take on another personae. Luna Sea invites you to take this same voyage.

Yokkaichi... White Dew upon the autumn moon white dew drops sparkled on the grass a gust of wind swept by and all the unstrung beads were scattered down alas


Chrissie Parrott


Jonathan Mustard


Craig Bary, Trisha Dunn, Lisa Griffiths, Ryan Lowe, Malcolm McMillan, Tania Tabacchi


Set: Chrissie Parrott with Darren Willmott, Costumes: Odette Arietta-Shadbolt (Dark), Joanna Anglesey (Light), Lighting: Theresa O'Connor




Light and Shade in 2004