Title of work

Orville’s Outing


Orville’s Outing is based on the children’s story book of the same name written by Bonnie Timmons. The story is of a happy, eccentric bird who left his home for the first time to explore the world. Because he was different from people he was ridiculed and rejected, which made him extremely unhappy. He tried to mimick other people in order to fit in and be more accepted, but the more he tried, the more they laughed. Orville went home in despair and began to cry. Instead of wailing, Orville sang in a beautiful singing voice. People came from all around to hear Orville sing, and gave him appreciation and love.


Beth Shelton


Mark Sladek


Original cast: Paul Batey, Callum Cowell, Nicole Fletcher, Wendy McPhee, Anna Smith, Cameron Wallace-Mitchell, Rachel Zinman

Dancers in remounts: Toby Bell, Jennie Clayton, Shane Jessup, Catherine O’Brien, Jonathan Rees-Osborne, Anna Smith, Sophie Yesberg, Cate Handley, Kathy Hussain, Jenny Kinder, Christina Shepard, Shelley Mardon, Michael O’Donoghue


Set: Tim Newth




A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings in 1989, Sing the Past in 1991, Primary Schools in 1989, 1991 and 1993