Title of work

Light Entertainment


Light Entertainment is a physical and theatrical exploration of light. Viewed through a prism of rhythm and repetition this hypnotic work shifts perspective from wave to particle, observed to obscured, animal to abstract, entertainment to architecture and finally from light to a space in its absence.

The structure of this work takes its form from the wave/particle dichotomy inherent in light itself and as the work progresses both the material explored and the method of creation changes dramatically. The first half of the work explores the wave function of light and is therefore loose in structure; it is concerned with improvisations based around repetition and emergent qualities.

In contrast the latter half was created using systems, rules, divisions of time and points in space and aligns itself with the particulate nature of light. This is an abstract work that presents both Light entertainment and Light as entertainment.


Byron Perry




Original cast: Dean Cross, Sarah Fiddaman, Brianna Kell, Jenni Large, Timothy Walsh

2015 cast: James Batchelor, Sarah Fiddaman, Katherine Gurr, Brianna KellAndrew Searle


Set Design: Byron Perry with Darren Willmott.  Costumes: Tracie Leslie




Luminous Flux in 2013 and 2015.  Download the program