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The definition of Interface is "to connect with or to link so as to make possible joint operation", or in computer technology "matching connection". The dance developed from a solo and Neil experimented with the duet form by manipulating various movements. He found ways in which the solo material could be performed by two in close relationship thereby linking and matching their connections.

To develop the basic movement components Neil used a complex chance procedure. From a science fiction novel, Neil extracted an absurd statement which became a voice signature and security device and was as follows: "Down went the right hut and ate a put object beside his horse." In isolation Neil created a movement for every letter of the alphabet. Many of the movements were derived from and were extrapolations of deaf sign language. Sequences were then developed by linking the separate movements in accordance with the absurd statement. The movement phrases which resulted were unusual in their textural diversity dur to the accidental relationships arising out of the chance procedure of their creation.


Neil Adams


Bela Bartok, Herb Jercher


Original cast: Neil Adams, Braddon McDonald

Dancers in Remounts: Christopher Cole, Raymond van der Plas


Costumes conceived by choreographer




Main seasons in 1984 and 1985, Seven New Works in 1984