Sonja Hindrum



Sonja Hindrum is a textile artist and designer with a degree in Fashion Design from RMIT who has developed site-specific artworks for major festivals and designed and made costumes for many years. In addition to Pleiades (a community art work) other recent major works include Rain Sonnet, for which the text of A Midsummer Night's Dream was reproduced in glass raindrops as a wearable bodice. During 2011 on an Arts Tasmania residency the prototype was developed for the Talking Skirt.

As a costume designer, Sonja has worked for Tasdance on Let's Do It (1989), as part of the A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings season, Dirt  (2001) and Fair Game (2003), choreographed by Natalie Weir, The Darkling, choreography Neil Adams and featuring as part of the Ripple Effect season in 2001, and Graeme Murphy's Bard Bits (2003). In 2006, Sonja collaborated with Ralf Haertal to make a picnic rug for Tasdance's community project, Illuminations 3.