Lisa Griffiths


Lisa Griffiths 2000

Lisa completed her tertiary dance studies at the Queensland University of Technology and the Centre for Performing Arts in Adelaide. In 1996 she worked with Chris Jannides, Artistic Director of Darc Swan Dance Company. In 1998 Lisa joined Chunky Move, working with choreographers Paul Selwyn Norton, Lucy Guerin, Phillip Adams, and Gideon Obarzanek. During her time with Chunky Move she toured nationally and internationally with Live Acts, Body Parts and Fleshmeet. Lisa has performed in When There's Only, a dance film for UK based Amanda Phillips and worked on Niche a film by Sue Healey. In 2002 Lisa choreographed and performed in two commissioned works for Dance Tracks at The Studio, Sydney Opera House and performed in Fine Line Terrain by Sue Healey. In July 2003 Lisa was given a scholarship to attend the lmpulstanz Festival, Vienna and worked with Carolyn Carlson in Zurich. In 2004 Lisa worked with Meryl Tankard on Pearl for the Sydney Opera House.

Lisa first performed with Tasdance in 2000 for the HYPER_mobile production. She returned in 2002 for 3 years to perform in Ripple Effect, Fair Game and in Light and Shade.