Greg Clarke


Greg Clarke 2007

Greg began his association with Tasdance with the design of Fair Game in 2003. His previous experiences designing for dance were with Expressions Dance Company, Brisbane. At Expressions he designed three works for Natalie Weir, The Insider, Proof Sheet and Insight. As well s numerous works for the company's director, Maggi Sietsma, which have toured both nationally and internationally and include The Fifth Door, Dream Hunters, Alone Together, Attitude, Behind the Wall and Rites of Spring. He also participated in a cultural exchange with Expressions to New Guinea resulting in a co-production with Raun Raun Theatre called Connections. For the Queensland Theatre Company he has designed Sweet Panic, Oz Shorts, Sweeney Todd, On the Whipping Side, Shimada, The Family and One Woman's Song. For La Boite Theatre Company he designed for Amigos, Salt, Emma's Nose, Clark in Sarajavo, Rio Sake and Other Falling Debris. For the Queensland University of Technology he designed for the dance and drama department as well as production design for the short film The Storyteller written and directed by Louis Nowra. In addition he has worked with Playbox, Melbourne Worker's Theatre, Opera Queensland, The Empire Theatre – Toowoomba, Handspan and was a designer on the inaugural Brisbane Festival Parade and the 5 to Midnight event for the first Stage X Festival. Alongside Fair Game in 2003, Greg has designed costumes and sets for the Tasdance productions of Divine Harmonies, several works in the One for Sorrow, Two for Joy season and for Mercy: a Dance for the Forgotten.