Toby Bell


Toby Bell 1991

Toby was born in Woodville, Adelaide in 1967. He was destined to be a cartoonist until his first ballet class with the Robyn Pettigrew Dance School. Here he trained for a year in classical and modern dance before being accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Toby graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree from the VCA in 1990. During his time studying, he choreographed for the Victorian Arts Dance Company tour in 1990. As the most outstanding student in the School of Dance entering his or her final year Toby was awarded the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts Casso Design Award. After graduating from the VCA, Toby was engaged by Tasdance in 1991 and performed in Lunar Return, Private Life, Tazydans, Watercourse, Gotta Go, Seinn O - Sing The Past, Boxes, Superheroes and Or Is It?

After a year with Tasdance he returned to Melbourne to take up a position with the Melbourne based company Dance Works. In May of 1993 Toby returned to work with Tasdance performing in The Journey, Orville's Outing, Letting the Mood Take You and Prisoners of Familiarity.

Toby choreographed The Wolf at My Door and A Fall from Grace in 1993 for Tasdance.