Odette Arrieta-Shadbolt


Odette Shadbolt 2009

Odette studied Technical Theatre at University of Tasmania and a short course in costume design at NIDA. She has worked in Theatre and Dance as a stage manager, freelance costume, set and make-up designer. An exhibiting artist since 1994, she has held several exhibitions as a solo artist and as part of a group, and continues to explore new avenues of self-expression. She has worked mainly in paint, charcoal, ink and intaglio print, she now produces three dimensional textile picture pieces using thread like paint or ink creating intricate images.

Odette's work is currently on display at The Design Centre Tasmania, the public collections of The National Library in Canberra, Hagley Farm School, the Launceston Christian School and in Launceston College. Odette has created designs as well designed and made costumes for numerous productions.

Her set and costume design work for Tasdance includes Remembered of Us, Kelp, The Cradle of the Spirits, and for seasons; Earth Beneath our Feet, Light and Shade, Passion fruit, Skin Deep, Vital Expression and Fish Fingers.