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Alter is a journey of transformation, individuality, changing viewpoints, spirituality, and all about accepting difference. The beauty of working with fifteen young Tasmanians is the collection of that difference. During this project we aimed to work in a way that enabled each performer the opportunity to showcase their individuality. This is something we were both inherently interested in; capturing the essence and distinctiveness of each member of the ensemble. The process of creating Alter has been an explicitly non-judgemental exploration of different contemporary movement techniques that give a strong voice to our young cast.

Alter is a window to the social ideologies of today; observing changes in the balances of power, the role of religion, the shift to greater acceptance and the lineage 
of judgement throughout time. During the creative process we discussed the changing relationships we each hold with religion and spirituality and how this has
 shifted with each new generation. Perspectives have shifted greatly over time, and our views now are worlds away from those held centuries ago. In more recent times, change in
 this regard has been driven by the continual access to information and resources through technology. We also wanted to focus on the plethora of other ideas that the concept of ‘alter’ lends itself to, using physical manipulations and choreography to transform both bodies and also the spaces we are performing in. Site-specific works are an exciting gift to both performers and audiences alike and the marriage of space to action is a key part of this performance. We have had a great time exploring each space to investigate, challenge and transform its structures and purpose. We are all constantly evolving and
our attitudes and views are adapting. Alter embraces those who are different and celebrates the richness of a unique and altered perspective.



Joshua LoweBrianna Kell




Tiarna Bakowski,
 Mikayla Bellinger, Chet Bishowkarma, Joshuah Boutcher, Lauchlin Hansen, Shannan Harris, Alessandra King, Tara Lupus, Taylor Mills,
Hannah Nichols, Heather Pannowitz, Grace Rodgers, Hannah Russell,
 Kate Smith, Sharni Tennant


Lighting Designer and Production Manager: Darren Willmott




Education Project