Title of work

A Dance for the Forgotten


A corridor of trauma lights the space. Muted conversations gain voice. The weathering of beauty through pain laid bare as a challenge for survival. To step back, to breathe, to seek and remember those not forgotten.

A dance for the forgotten began at 
Port Arthur, Tasmania in 2005, before the premiere as a 60 minute work in 2007 as part of Ten Days on the Island. Re-shaping the original work to this much shorter version, I have sought to dig more deeply into its heart, to strip away pretence and reveal the visceral subtext that I think was previously absent. Assisting this process has been the superb re-imagining of Giovanni Pergolesi’s Marian Vespers by Eden Mulholland, where the old is respectfully redefined in the new. Special thanks to the dancers who all committed so much of themselves to the work and to Trisha Dunn who has been a part of this process since 2006. – Raewyn Hill


Raewyn Hill


Eden Mulholland/Giovanni Pergolesi (Marian Vespers)


Sarah Fiddaman, Alice Hinde, Brianna Kell, Erynne Mulholland, Andrew Searle, Timothy Walsh, Katherine Gurr


Costume: From the collection of Alistair Trung, Lighting: Bosco Shaw